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Heather Dallas

Heather is a high impact public speaker and facilitator, as well as an insightful coach working with individuals. She is a qualified Neuro Lingustic Programming Master Practitioner (NLP), Global Trainer and Consultant which has added depth and a higher level of intuition to her work. Heather is also a Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practioner (MBTI), SDI Accredited Consultant and a Belbin Team Roles Accredited Consultant. Heather uses these development tools with clients and achieves outstanding results.

Heather spent 12 years in a learning and development senior management role at Deloitte, leading a team of 15 people and a national training team. The role also had a global profile designing and delivering training programmes in the USA, Russia, Poland, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and Malta. More recently, Heather has been working in New Jersey (USA), Basle, Brussels, Prague, Istanbul and Zurich.

For an example of content and delivery style, please use the media player on the right. The intranet voice webscast covered 'Dealing with challenging questions'.

Heather Dallas MD with webcast on dealing with difficult questions